Foodture Barcelona is the Summit of Innovation in Food Design, Food Tech & Sustainability born in Barcelona city.

Seeking to create an open space where visionary projects, startups, science, design and innovation come together to explore and redesign the world of food. Science Fiction is transformed into the Science of tomorrow, which allows us to draw and reflect on future scenarios with avant-garde solutions with functionality on the present.

Foodture Barcelona highlights and brings together creative minds that are leading the change in the world food order. Proposals that may be perceived as utopian but are already a reality.

Alternatives to current food production, new materials, new ways of living, cultivating, communicating, transforming, using energy and natural resources will be explored.


This second edition will bring us a hybrid Summit, which will take place in both the digital and the real world, which will allow attendees and speakers to experience an inspiring cultural agenda from their homes and explore new ways of storytelling.

Cutting-edge designer work will be exhibited with a space for startups, and if the situation allows it we will host a gastronomic experience to be enjoyed in community.

All this will be done by sharing values and putting all our innovative capacity with the common goal of creating a fairer and more sustainable world.