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Science of Tomorrow

FOODTURE 2020 focuses on Design as a tool to inspire the science of tomorrow. Through Fiction we explore and work on seemingly impossible scenarios.

By exploring how to survive in a scenario as complex as outer space, we can find solutions that will positively impact our production and consumption systems on earth.

Space Food is about innovation in challenging situations, being able to survive with limited resources, understanding our nutritional needs, taking advantage of our waste and developing integrated circular ecosystems.

Monsi Roman, Manager of NASA Centennial Challenges Program, will be one of our speakers, she will talk about the agency’s interest in innovating the feeding systems for space missions, and all the work that has been done so far regarding this topic.

Join this amazing conversation and discover how solving problems in space will help us face the challenges earth has today!

22 OCT
16:00 CET




David Gobel //
CEO of Methuselah Foundation

Joshua Neubert //
CEO of Institute of Competition Sciences

Monsi Roman //
NASA Centennial Challenges Program Manager

Ralph Fritsche //
NASA Space Crop Production Senior Project Manager

Ray Wheeler //
Plant Physiologist and Senior Scientist of NASA



Mark Bünger //
Principal & Strategy Synthesist of Futurity Studio

Nacho de Juan-Creix //
Foodture Curator & Head of Innovation+Tech of N3XT by VMLY&R