The spoon is one of the elements that have accompanied us since the Neolithic.

We can say that it is one of the oldest instruments that humanity has used both to eat and to serve.

An element that has no borders, no classes. A tool that accompanies us throughout our lives, from childhood to old age. The Foodture 2019 exhibition was proposed as a compilation of spoons made by members of our community, with the aim of capturing through this element the work, values ​​and “universe” of each of the artists, designers, visionaries, inventors, scientists, cooks and other participants of FOODTURE.

Science fiction becomes the science of tomorrow. Design fiction allows us to draw and reflect on future scenarios and create avant-garde solutions in the present, hence our motto for this edition: From Food Design to Design Fiction // SCI-FI FOOD.

Inspired by this, the Foodture 2020 exhibition is titled SPOONS OF THE FUTURE and it will be a compilation of spoons made by multidisciplinary talents who want to be part of our community and contribute their futuristic, speculative, critical and disruptive vision.

Exhibit curated by Nacho de Juan-Creix & Elsa Yranzo.